About Us

The White Oak Water Supply Corporation (“WOWSC”) was formed in 2001 and has been operating the water well and water distribution system since the departure of the developer, Bluegreen Land Development Company. WOWSC is operated by a Board of Directors who are elected each year by the members of the corporation at the annual meeting. Members of the corporation consist of residents of the White Oak Subdivision. Directors of the Board must be members of the corporation and are elected for three (3) year terms on a rotating basis.

The Corporation

WOWSC is a “non-profit” corporation and is regulated by many State and Federal Agencies and adheres to strict Codes and Standards. These ensure ethical operations and strict testing requirements which provide clean and safe drinking water to the subdivision.


The facility is located on White Oak Pass. It is permitted to pump 48,000,000 gallons of water for the year. The facility consists of two (2) wells approximately 400 feet deep. A pump house consists of three pumps which are connected to two (2) storage tanks and the water distribution system to each connection. As of July 2015, there are a total of 264 connections and 2 vacancies.

Future Plans

As the WOWSC community continues to grow and with the addition of major corporations moving into the area, WOWSC will not only find ways to both increase the amount of water it can pump on a daily basis, but also find ways to conserve water. See the links page for ideas on conserving water and also saving money.

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